Swan Lake


42460 Potato Farm Rd, Laurens, IA 50554

Once Pocahontas County’s largest lake, Swan Lake was drained in 1911 and farmed until 2001 when restoration work began. Today the area is once again alive with wildlife and history. Nature lovers may hike through the dry uplands, swamp lands, and Oak Savanna habitats that once again embrace a variety of wildflowers, native grasses, burr oak trees, waterfowl, insects, birds, reptiles, and mammals. History buffs may read about buffalo runs, Indian burial sites, and steamboat tours on the interpretive sign at the overview built in 2007. Whether the day is sunny or overcast, the view to the west becomes clearer and louder until you can almost sense the presence of the native wildlife and cultures that once thrived at Swan Lake. The lake is located 2 miles north of Laurens on County Road N28.

Swan Lake on the map